Christian Romero, who has become the core of Tottenham Hotspur’s central defense, has explained why he was injured.

Christian Romero, who has become the core of Tottenham Hotspur’s central defense, has explained why he was injured 먹튀검증.

Romero expressed his thoughts on why he suffered from an injury at Tottenham Hotspur in the 202021 season in a broadcast interview with the South American edition of ESPN on the 30th.

Romero joined the Argentine national team and is currently training. Argentina, the winner of the 2021 Copa America, will play ‘Finalishima’ against Italy, the winner of the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Euro 2020, at Wembley Stadium in London on June 2.

Romero moved from Serie A Atalanta, Italy to Tottenham Hotspur last summer. He was expected to transfer with great expectations, but he was transferred to the Argentine national team in the first half and could not play for a long time due to injury. He recovered from injury in the second half of the year and became the center of Tottenham’s defense, and was out for the season again in May due to a hip injury.

Regarding his injury, Romero said, “I haven’t been injured in my career. I’ve been injured three times this season,” adding, “I think it occurred because I didn’t play in the pre-season last summer.”

Based on the global football statistics site transfer market, Romero has had only two injuries before moving to Tottenham since he moved from Argentina to Genoa in the summer of 2018 and entered the European stage. He had only knee and civil muscle injuries during his time in Genoa, all of which he suffered during his time in Genoa in 2020. When he was in Atalanta, he was only diagnosed with COVID-19, but there were no injuries.

Romero’s injuries became more frequent even before joining Tottenham in the summer of 2021. Since June 2021, he has suffered a knee injury, a hamstring injury during the A match schedule in November, and a hip injury in May. In other words, injuries to the lower extremities continued. It has been more than 95 days and three months since he left Tottenham due to injury.

Romero had to play Copa America instead of the pre-season last summer and resumed the season without a proper break before the 2020/21 season as his schedule was pushed back due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. On top of that, it was difficult to prepare for the full season as he played the Copa America schedule immediately after the end of the 2020/21 season. Moreover, due to the nature of the Premier League, which requires a lot of physical ability, it seems that the body is under more pressure.

Romero showed his will, saying, “Now I will do my best to have the best pre-season this summer.” He will start his pre-season tour with Tottenham in July. Tottenham will play the “Coupang Play Series” in South Korea in July and then move to Israel to participate in the I-Tech Cup and spend the pre-season.

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